About Me

I was born in Arizona and raised on Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, and classic cars. When I wasn't working on my next pine wood derby car for scouts, writing songs, or doing chores, I could easily be found bickering with my five siblings. We were taught to work hard, get good grades, love God, and do your best in everything you do.


My love for design grew from following my father about as he would repair appliances, cars, make home renovations, and build pens for our animals.  I grew  up sketching faces and graphics during church sermons, on the road, in classes, and to this day can often be found with a pencil behind my ear and a pad of paper under my arm.


I always look forward to the next project! My house is filled with lighting, decor, and fixtures I made - because I can't stand paying more for what I can make for less. I pull out the guitar and jam from time to time, spend date nights following my wife down Hobby Lobby aisles, change diapers, and mow the lawn all with a smile, because I love it! And I love doing it all with my own family.